Santino Exclusive Bar
Santino Exclusive Bar
Santino Exclusive Bar
Santino Coffee Specialists Bangladesh

Santino Exclusive Bar

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Inspired from a trip to the orchard in Florida, where we sipped coffee in fresh citrusy air, we decide to come up with a blend that sums our amazing experience. This blend will give you a burst of sweet citrus fruits and soothes you with a velvety body. At first, we didn't believe we can put an experience into a cup of coffee. However, after the creation of this, we are believers now.

This is a blend of 100% Arabica from Central America with Superior Indonesia Sumatra Mandehling.

  • Roast : Medium
  • Taste : Sweet and Fruity
  • Aroma : Citrusy
  • Body : Velvety
  • Acidity : Bright
  • Aftertaste : Long Lemony Finish

Available in 500g. Cartons are packed in 20 packets of 500g.