Nouva Simonelli - Appia II 2 Group Volumetric - Red Colour
Nouva Simonelli - Appia II 2 Group Volumetric - Red Colour
Nouva Simonelli - Appia II 2 Group Volumetric - Red Colour

Nouva Simonelli - Appia II 2 Group Volumetric - Red Colour

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- Material: Stainless Steel & ABS
- Color: Black/Red/White
- Volumetric dosage
- Soft Infusion System
- Automatic washing
- Made in Italy


- Size (WxHxD): 78 x 53 x 54.5 cm
- Weight: 60-65 Kg
- Voltage/ Power: 220-230V/ 3,150W
- Boiler Capacity: 11 L
- Groups: 2 groups


Automatic dosing and ergonomic design for baristas

The Nuova Simonelli team, applying the results of studies and research conducted with the support of various professionals, have created in Appia II an even richer machine, more comfortable for the barista, with even simpler maintenance. Simple and innovative, The Appia II Volumetric 2 group is a volumetric dosing machine that, when set to a particular mixture, always guarantees the same quantity of coffee.  

The Volumetric model has a renewable touch control panel. Useful new features, such as a practical "automatic cleaning" system have also been added.

New design
Even before appreciating its technical and functional aspects, Appia II is striking with the purity of its new design, enhanced by the luster of large areas of stainless steel that, in addition to enriching it, make it bright. The rear panel has been completely redesigned, taking up the sides of the grooves. These were also redesigned and enhanced by two wrap around chrome bands. So a design that is not only modern, to seduce those who use and those who look at the machine, but also functional to make the Appia II resistant to wear.

A lot of comfort
Being able to express their talent and enjoy the smile of customer satisfaction are what turns a barista’s work into a pleasure. Appia II offers even more of this possibility because it is more ergonomic, that makes daily operation easy for a barista.

Reverse mirror
After the positive experience of Aurelia II, the official machine of the World Championships for baristas, Nuova Simonelli has also introduced a “reverse mirror” into the Appia II. This allows the barista to have full control of the coffee from the filter holder without having to bend down and, simultaneously, to verify the cleanliness of dispensers.

Cup warmer aligned

Cup warmer
Another element of attention to the barista is that the cup warmer is flush with the level of the cover. In addition to increasing capacity, this helps speed up the work of the operator.

Push-button panel
The new push-button panel has been completely revised with more ergonomic keys, but notably it is more responsive and sensitive. Other technical enhancements have made the push-button panel on the Appia II even more resistant to wear.

Functional Aspects
Appia II has affirmed all the features that have already made the previous version highly ergonomic: the practical Push & Pull levers, the soft touch of the holder, the stainless steel drip tray and the adjustable stainless steel nozzles which are easy to clean and move, even with bigger containers. The wide viewing angle of the work surface, the water level indicator and the dual scale pressure gauge allow the barista full control of every action. Appia II is also versatile: with groups at standard height or raised to simplify working with tall glasses.

Friendly Technology
Even from a technical aspect Appia II offers new solutions to improve its environmental impact and make maintenance even easier.