Santino Espresso Bar
Santino Espresso Bar
Santino Espresso Bar
Santino Coffee Specialists Bangladesh

Santino Espresso Bar

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This blend has always been a crowd favorite, especially with the locals (Singaporeans). This best-selling house blend of ours with medium acidity is great on its own as an espresso and perfect as a milk-based beverage for the full body! If you are one of those people who always says "like my coffee strong!" this robust blend will not disappoint. 

It is a blend of Arabica from Latin America and Washed Robusta from Indonesia.

  • Roast : Medium
  • Taste : Nutty Chocolaty
  • Aroma : Smoky
  • Body : Full
  • Acidity : Medium
  • Aftertaste : Short

Available in 500g. Cartons are packed in 20 packets of 500g.