Nuova Simonelli, Oscar II

Oscar is a professional espresso coffee machine that fills the demand of all coffee lovers. It is highly suitable for domestic usage, and for new baristas to practice on their craft. 

With its compact feature & versatility in brewing and milk steaming, smaller cafes had positively reviewed on the favourability of this series.

*Comes in black and red colours.
* Pour over or direct connection

  • Compact
    At only 30 cm, Oscar is able to work in both a home and office setting.
  • Professional
    Oscar enables the production of espressos or cappuccinos just like in a café. The thermo-compensated group and steaming system are derived from larger, professional machines.
  • Versatile
    Available with a direct water line connection or a 2.3 litre reservoir to brew quality espresso anywhere.
  • Technological
    Oscar has a sound-proof pump, reversible work tray for tall cups and insulated boiler with exchanger.
  • Safe
    The ergonomic, professional porta filters are designed to fit comfortably into the user’s hand.
Units / Versions 1 GR/Tank (2,3lt)
Dimensions (mm-inch) 

230 (9 1/16'') 
330 (13'') 
370 (15 3/4'')
Steam Wand Articulated
Weight Net-Gross (Kg-Lb) 14 (31) - 17 (37)
Boiler (lt) 2,3
Voltage (Volt) 115-230V
Power (Watt) 1200